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Artist B is a photoshop panel which we also call extension panel. Also we can say plugin. For me it is a software running in photoshop. This panel includes photobook / album design, Studio, Color Grading, REtouch and 3D page effect. This is a very useful panel that every photographer as well as everyone who is interested in photography should have. You can easily consold this Photoshop panel in the top 10. The price is very low and everyone can afford it.
Brief information about what is included in the panel

In this we can design Photobook / Album very easily and comfortably using PSD available in the market. It has following options

  • Single photo feel
  • Swap, flip
  • Rotate left
  • Rotate right
  • Change Background
  • Apply mask
  • Insert frame
  • Border etc. options

It has subgroups like Portait, Passport and Background change.Portraits have options like natural skin smoother, Wrinkle dimisher, shiny skin correction, Selective skin Tone, Whiten teeth, Whiten eyes, Pink cheeks, Blacken hair,Hair Cutting,  etc. Passport has different options for creating passport photos in the studio. Background change has white background and Blue Background change options.

Color Grading has different color effects in one click. Which gives a professional look to the photo in one click.

t has options like exposure fix, Selective Effects, Sunglow Effect and adjustment layers. 

It has about 30 3D page effects.

All are briefly mentioned in the description above.

Yes. Working in imac and mac.

It will be 100% useful. This is definitely better than any album design software. The top 1 is for album design and there are many other benefits as well.

Of course. We will provide some free psd templates.

You can create an album in any size. You can also design in any psd available in the market such as 12×24, 12×30, 12×36, 15×30. For this, wedding, pre wedding and birthday psd are available in the market and we will give it for free.